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Birgit Snitker in Djenne

On the Roof in Djenne.


Hotel DjenneDjenno not only has a roof with a great view of the city and the mosque, a beautiful garden, tastefully decorated rooms with very comfortable beds and a good kitchen, they also serve gorgeous cocktails; ginger and lemon juice with dark rum. Here Mahamane brings me a welcome one after a day of beadshopping in town.


Birgit Snitker in Aburi, Ghana
Cascades of Karfiguela, Burkina Faso

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Aburi Botanical Garden

Just North of Accra you'll find the beautiful garden, founded by Britain in 1890. Cool, fragrant and filled with birds and interesting plants it's a great getaway from the heat, hassle and smog of Ghana's capital.

Here in 2005 on holiday from Accra.

Cascades near Banfora

The waterfalls of Karfiguela are located in the South West of Burkina Faso. On top of a hill a large source creates an series of waterfalls with a natural swimming paradise near the top.

This year during the wet season there was plenty of rain. I have never seen the falls this big and the water was wonderful! 2014